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Gautier Semences (Gautier) Gautier Semences (Gautier)
Gautier Semences is an independent family owned company specialised in vegetables seeds. For over 50 years Gautier Semences has been breeding vegetable varieties for the fresh market sector and dealing seeds to conventional and organic growers. Gautier Semences has a team of breeders in brassiceae (cauliflowers, broccolis, cabbages), solanaceaes (tomato, eggplant, pepper) and others vegetables (Cucurbitaceae, leguminoseae, lettuce and leafy vegetable, roots vegetables. Breeders can rely on plant pathology, molecular assisted selection and quality assessment departments to develop new varieties for conventional and organic agriculture. Gautier Semences has also an expertise in seed production and quality control.
Gautier Semences is involved in identification of main traits for organic and low input production for broccoli and tomato. Gautier Semences is participated in diversity evaluation and in creating novel diversity in broccoli and tomato. Various breeding strategies are tested for these two species.

Staff members’ profile:
Frédéric Dalmon is in charge of brassica breeding programs. He develops new varieties mainly in cauliflowers and radishes with a 17 years experience in creative breeding. He has also an experience in conservative breeding for others allogamous species as onions, leeks, cabbage, radishes.

Laurent Derivot Tomato breeder is more especially in charge of fruit quality breeding and old tomato types.

Frédéric Moquet Scientific Manager is a Doctor in genetic and plant breeding. He has a 9 years experience in following several breeding programs at Gautier Semences. He is also responsible of the Biotechnology and Biochemistry laboratories.

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