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The overall objective of SOLIBAM is to develop specific and novel breeding approaches integrated with management practices to improve the performance, quality, sustainability and stability of crops adapted to organic and low-input systems. The project is founded on the concept of diversity. Our research hypothesis is that developing diversity at all levels is the best strategy for improving the capacity for crops to adapt to fluctuating environmental conditions and for increasing yields and yield stability in organic and low-input systems. Diversity is also a characteristic of the consortium members, who bring a wide range of competencies and scientific approaches, farming systems experience, climatic conditions and cultural backgrounds. The partners come from 12 countries, representing many different regions from the North of Europe to Africa and our consortium represents most of the disciplines needed to explore and sustain diversity in the field. 


During this first stage of the project, we have succeeded in building a cohesive team approach.  The diversity of members has led to the development of what we may call: “the SOLIBAM strategy”. From the first annual meeting, the definition of our strategy incorporated both scientific and organisational viewpoints: In SOLIBAM we are combining many disciplines and values with the aim of increasing system diversity and participatory methods. In addition to developing techniques and assessing quantitative and qualitative data, transdisciplinary thinking is central to the success of SOLIBAM. Click for the updated list of deliverables!

SOLIBAM Workpackages

Our field trials

This map has been just updated with our field trials in France and Italy.

You can click on the red position indicator and then on the name of the farm to have more information about its location and the trial. 


Farm days

Farm days will act as the main tool for the dissemination of project outcomes among farmer communities in each country. They will be held separately in each country twice per year, to enable breeders, farmers, extension services and researchers involved in WPs to share the skills, information, and knowledge generated with neighboring (nonparticipating) farmers.

Farmer days will be used also to distribute booklets from the project and other material from the stakeholder congresses among a large number of farmers, and as a space for discussion of the project results and related topics with farmers.

ITAB will be responsible for the overall coordination of farmer days, selecting the major breeding and agronomic topics that should be discussed and the booklets and materials that should be distributed. National partners will be responsible for the organisation and implementation of farmer days in their country – they will develop a programme of activities, make a list of farmers and breeders to be invited (both participating and nonparticipating in the project), and define logistic arrangements. National partners will also report the outcomes of each farmer day to AIAB for the SOLIBAM newsletters and the website.





Farm days in Italy (June 2010)

Dissemination activities

Listen to the SOLIBAM podcast about the 2012 Congress!

Listen to the SOLIBAM podcast on Participatory Plant Breeding!

Listen to the Third SOLIBAM podcast: Towards Agrobiodiversity, voices from Senegal

Listen to the Fourth SOLIBAM podcast: Towards agrobiodiversity, voices from Ethiopia

The 10 SOLIBAM concept! The booklet is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese

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Strategies for Organic and Low-input Integrated Breeding and Management

Collaborative Project

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FP7 2010 - 2014

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